History of Allwest Reporting

Allwest is one of the oldest court reporting firms in western Canada.   Our name stems from us offering services throughout western Canada.  We have a long history serving both the Federal Court and Tax Court of Canada and have represented Canada internationally through these courts on severel occations.  Originally, we were based out of New Westminster, moved to Vancouver for several decades and now call Burnaby our home.  

In our time in the industry we've seen several major changings in technology, things like desktop computers, high speed printers and digital audio recording.  We have always been early adoptors of technology, and continue to do so with services such as our private video conferencing and automated note services.

While we have seen many changes to the industry of over decades in business, some things have never changed: we are still a small family-run local business.  We offer unique and tailored services to our clients and provide a variety of locally provided alternatives for our clients such as video conferencing and video bridging.

We continue to offer our services to clients throughout Canada.

Sights from some of Allwest's Many Adventures Throught BC