By Provincial Health Order, as of September 13th, 2021 parties attending in person at Allwest will be required to present the BC Vaccine Card for any in-person event at Allwest Reporting.

If you are unable to attend in person, Allwest will provide best efforts allow parties to attend remotely.

Masks are required all public areas of our facility.

Attending Meetings At Allwest

We sincerely thank all parties for their continued cooperation as we all work together to return to normal.  We will do our best to ensureour staff and guests have a safe working environment during their time at our facility.

If you need any assist or require special considerations please feel free to contact Allwest staff at 604-683-4774.  

Infection and Disease Control Procedures for

1200- 1125 Howe Street


As of September 13th, 2021 Allwest will be requiring all guests to present valid BC Vaccine Card upon entry into our facility, in compliance with the BC Provincial Health Order.  


Any British Columbia Utilities Commission proceeding taking place at Allwest will not require a valid BC Vaccine Passport for entrance to our facility, but masks are still mandatory.

If you do not have a valid BC Vaccine Card or are uncomfortable attending at our office please provide ample advance notice and our staff will provide best efforts to allow your virtual participation.  Please note that last-minute requests may not allow our staff time to properly accommodate individuals appearing remotely.

To read the Provincial Health Order visit:

"The requirement applies to all people born in 2009 (12+) and covers:


-Indoor organized gatherings like weddings, parties, conferences, meetings and workshops" [emphasis added]

All parties are also required to wear maskings in all indoor public areas.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Preamble:  As the Province of British Columbia transitions to Step 3 of the Restart Plan Allwest is transitioning away from our COVID-19 Safety Plan towards communicable disease prevention.  This will help us prepare us for the fall and winter seasons of respiratory and other communicable diseases to come, including COVID-19.  

Intent: Allwest Reporting is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for all personnel including employees, contractors and guests.  A combination of measures shall be used to achieve this objective.  All persons shall follow our procedures in conjunction with all other applicable health and safety regulations and government legislation to prevent and reduce the risk to exposure to infectious diseases.  All parties in attendance at 1200 -1125 Howe must follow Allwest's Health and Safety policies and procedures.

Allwest understand that people's personal comfort levels are different and some people may not be comfortable with the relaxing of current rules.  Allwest aims to take a balanced approach in transition away from our strict COVID-19 rules while still maintain a high level of focus on the safety and security of our staff and our guests. We will make best efforts to accommodate any concerns of staff or guests to our facility, as long as such accommodation does not impact the health and safety our of staff or other parties at our facility.

This document provides a guideline to employees and guests of Allwest Reporting and are a change from our previous COVID plan and has been modified based on guidelines issued by WorkSafeBC and other government agencies.  These changes are effective as of August 26th, 2021 and are subject to any changes in Provincial Health Orders.

Allwest will be checking parties Provincial Vaccination Passports, but we will not release any information in regards to a persons' vaccination status.  Parties may disclose their vaccination status at their own will.  Allwest is aware and understands that vaccinations are a personal health choice and that there are medical situations in which parties cannot be vaccinated.  Regardless of vaccination status, Allwest will work to ensure all parties are able to participate in processes held at Allwest / 1200 - 1125 Howe Street, whether in person or remotely, without any prejudice.  Our policies are put in place to ensure the health and safety of our staff first and foremost, as per WorkSafeBC guidelines.


All persons are expected to adhere to the following infection control guidelines:

Risk Associated with Infectious Diseases:

     Person Who May Be Contagious: (Staff and Guests)

o     Persons who exhibit symptoms of infectious disease (cough/cold, flu etc.) shall be required to stay at home until such time as the risk of diseases transmission has passed.

o     Persons are required to exercise their judgment regarding whether they are exhibiting symptoms and alternative measures can be made for participation in proceedings.

o     Persons are encouraged to disclose when they are dealing with an infectious disease in order to mitigate the spread of disease of others.  Parties can email to make disclosure of any illness, specifics are not required.

o     Persons should only return to/or attend Allwest Reporting / 1200 - 1125 Howe Street when they are no longer symptomatic or when a medical professional have certified that they are no longer contagious.

*Please note if you are unable to attend a proceeding at Allwest / 1200 - 1125 Howe Street for any reason Allwest will make best efforts to accommodate parties and allow for remote participation in proceedings.

Routine Practices:

The following routine practices help protect Allwest Reporting and visitors from pathogens:

Office Hygiene:

·     Hand sanitizer is available throughout 1200 - 1125 Howe Street

·     Common Areas are sanitized once per day, at minimum, using Vital Oxide and UV-C.  Additional sanitization will be done as needed or requested.

·     Staff are responsible for sanitizing their own work stations.

·     Bleach Wipes will be made available throughout facility for parties to do additional sanitization as they see fit.

·     Guests are to refrain from entering Allwest's staff area.

Office Ventilation:

The hearing room at 1200 - 1125 Howe Street has large opening sliding glass doors that when open allow for fresh air movement throughout the facility.  Allwest will, at their discretion or upon request, adjust these doors to allow for fresh air while keeping a number of factors in mind including air conditioning, outside air quality (eg. smoke) and outside noises.  

Face Coverings:

·     Masks are now required in indoors spaces by Public Health Order.  All parties to wear masks in common areas.  

Physical Distancing:

·     Please be aware of person's individual comfort level for physical distancing.  

·     All paperwork exchanged by parties must be done in a way that is comfortable to the parties involved.

·     Physical distancing is encouraged between parties.  Individuals may have varying levels of comfort with social distancing so please be aware and ask before sitting beside someone.  

·     Clear plexiglass partitions will be available for use in the hearing room as required for the comfort of staff and guests.


Allwest has provided a signage to help remind parties of current policies including Vaccine Cards and use of facemasks.  This policy document will be posted at the entrance to Allwest 1200 - 1125 Howe Street and throughout or facility.

To Learn More About BC's Current Public Health Orders visit: