Looking for professional level video conferencing?  We can help provide both sales and rentals of high quality video conferencing equipment.  From small to large boardroom conferencing units to document cameras we have the equipment to make your video conference a success.


Our goal is to ensure you have an excellent, trouble-free video conferencing experience regardless of your technical abilities.  Our friendly, knowledgable staff are here to support you throughout your video conferencing process.   If you need help give us a call.

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Secure, Private and 100% Canadian

Allwest is proud to offer its new private, secure video conferencing service.  This premium video conferencing services offers professional-level video conferencing and is hosted entirely in Canada.  Connect easily to other parties around the world while experiencing top quality audio and video.


Professional Video Conference Equipment

Our video conferencing equipment is not only high quality, but it is quick and easy to set up.  Our TV mountable VC200 units can be up in running in less than 5 minutes and only require an internet connection, a screen and power plug.





For parties looking for a full video conference backend, we offer an independent conferencing option.  This option allows parties to facilitate their own usage of our conferencing system.  Create your own Virtual Meeting Rooms and book and assign parties to these rooms completely independent of Allwest staff.  Perfect for investigative groups looking to schedule and conduct interviews, law firms looking to enhance security and privacy for their clients, or for government agencies looking for a response to COVID-19.


Connect to the video conference through Google Chrome Web Browser.  Works for most computers and tablets.



Upgrade your experience by installing the free video app.  Allows for more control and customizability during the conference.



Connect using professional video conferencing equipment.  This offers the best experience for all parties as well as providing the most secure means of data transmission.



Advanced Features:

- Connect with IP/SIP conferencing systems with virtual rooms

- Private user scheduled video conferencing.

- Send conference invites through email.

- Lobby Rooms

- Multiple Virtual Rooms.

- Record audio and video onto secure server

- Professional quality hardware:

4k Pan, Tilt and Zoom Cameras, Speakerphones

- Remote Camera Control when using two directly connected VC800 conferencing units.


- Full HD video conferencing experience.

- Private Virtual Meeting Rooms.

- Join Conference with Web Browser.

- Customizable screen layouts.

- Join with Computers, Tablets or even phones.

- Unique Conference IDs and passcodes.

- Lockable Virtual Rooms.

- Easy screen sharing for documents.

- Secure conference connections: TLS/ SRTP / HTTPS / SSH / H.235, AES-256bit.

We are currently running complete multi-day hearings for our clients, as well as providing video bridges for witnesses in Provincial and International Courts.  

From hosting entire hearings to providing private boardrooms for video conferencing, Allwest has the technology and experience to help make your virtual proceeding run as smoothly as possible.  

We also have experience using Microsoft Teams, Citrix, Webex and Zoom.  

Looking to Hold Virtual Hearings?

Video Bridging Services

Need help connecting your witness to an upcoming virtual proceeding? Tired of having audio and video issues delaying proceedings?  We can help.  Our bridging services provides high-quality virtual rooms that allow SIP/IP video conferencing units (standardly use by the courts) to connect to remote parties.  Whether your witness is located in Vancouver and needs to appear in international court, or your witness is located internationally and needs to appear in local court, we can provide you a high-quality video bridge.  

Easily Connection with Parties around the World

Why Not Just Use Zoom?

Zoom has become the industry standard for video conferencing.  It offers relatively cheap and easy conferencing solutions without requiring any specialized equipment.  Most third party conference suppliers are simply upselling their Zoom subscriptions to users at an elevated rate.  Their offerings are no different than you can get directly from Zoom itself.

One of the biggest detrements to Zoom is the lack of proper HD video.  Zoom is currently restricted to only two users (must be Pro level or higher) to 720p video, and all other users are lower quality.  So while the image may look decent on your small computer monitor, it becomes very poor quality when displayed on a larger screen.  This low resolution makes the witness, and any shared text, look blurry and fuzzy.  And Zoom is also not alone in this practice, as Microsoft Teams has also lowered their video resolution due to high use during COVID.   So for perspective, Zoom (and Teams) are providing S-VHS quality video, while Allwest is offering blu-ray qualty video.

Allwest's video conferencing system runs full HD (up to 4K) video resolution. Images are crisp and sharp, allowing you to see details that you would otherwise miss on a Zoom conference.  

At best, Zoom conferencing is running at 720p (the middle qualtiy shown in this image), while most participants are using closer to the 480 resolution.  This low quality of video lacks the definition to properly see the face of the party you are looking at.  While these flaws are less noticable on a small screen, when connected to a large screen monitor the lack of quality is very noticable.

Allwest's Video Conferencing System offer true HD video conferencing, allowing for full 1080p resolution (or up to 4K, equipment dependant).  You can proper see your witnesses in full detail that cannot be matched using Zoom.

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Court Video Conferencing

Throughout the COVID pandemic Allwest has been providing video conferencing services to clients in the BC Supreme Court. Whether you have booked a video cart through the court and only require bridging to your witness, or the court's equipment is unavailabe and you need fully video hardware, we can help.  From filling out forms to testing with witnesses, to running the video conference in the court room, we'll help make the process as stress-free as possible so you can concentrate on your case.

Video Services in the BC Supreme Court