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Secure, Private and 100% Canadian

Allwest is proud to offer its private, secure video conferencing service.  This premium video conferencing services offers professional-level video conferencing and is hosted entirely in Canada.  Connect easily to other parties around the world while experiencing top quality audio and video.  Clients easily join the conference by clicking on a link.


Connect to the video conference through Google Chrome Web Browser.  Works for most computers and tablets.



Upgrade your experience by installing the free video app.  Allows for more control and customizability during the conference.



Connect using professional video conferencing equipment.  This offers the best experience for all parties as well as providing the most secure means of data transmission.



Advanced Features:

- Connect with IP/SIP conferencing systems with virtual rooms

- Private user scheduled video conferencing.

- Send conference invites through email.

- Lobby Rooms

- Multiple Virtual Rooms.

- Record audio and video onto secure server

- Professional quality hardware:

4k Pan, Tilt and Zoom Cameras, Speakerphones

- Remote Camera Control when using two directly connected VC800 conferencing units.


- Full HD video conferencing experience.

- Private Virtual Meeting Rooms.

- Join Conference with Web Browser.

- Customizable screen layouts.

- Join with Computers, Tablets or even phones.

- Unique Conference IDs and passcodes.

- Lockable Virtual Rooms.

- Easy screen sharing for documents.

- Secure conference connections: TLS/ SRTP / HTTPS / SSH / H.235, AES-256bit.

IP Video Conferencing Solutions:


Allwest offers a wide variety of video conferencing options to suit our customers needs.  Whether you want run a full virtual meeting or hold a hybrid in-person/virtual proceeding we can help.  Whether you want a large comfortable boardroom with state of the art equipment or you want to run a hybrid in-person/virtual proceeding, we can help.  With experience with Teams, Zoom, Webex and our own private video conferencing services we have a solution to fit your needs.

Private Video Conferenceing

Video Conferencing For Courts

Our services range from creating a private bridge to connect your witness to the court's video conference equipment to providing a full video conferencing hardware for court rooms.

Bridging and Equipment Delivery and Rentals


Bridging is proving the connection between a remote witness and the video conference equipment.  It is done via software and provides a "bridge" between the witness and the court.

Our bridging service utilizes our private Canadian video conference system to host a virtual room to "bridge" the witness to the court's IP vide conferencing service. We provide full technical support and run tests with witnesses in advance of the proceeding to minimize possible delays due to technical issues.

Our bridge provides outstanding audio and video and does not suffer from the excess traffic issues which can be encountered on standard video conferencing services.  

In addition to bridging, we also provide full video conferencing equipment to courthouses when needed.  We take care of absolteuly everything.  We deliver the equipment providing large HD monitors, HD video cameras fom counsel and the judge and have a staff member physically present at court to handle any issues that arise.  We also deliver the equipment and take care of all the setup and strike, allowing you to concentrate on your case and not worry about the technology.

Our goal is to make video conferencing as easy as possible for all parties involved.  Part of that is making sure our booking process is quick and easy.  Just one phone call is needed to arrange conferencing services.  We're familiar with SCBC's required paperwork and procedures and  will assist you in ensuring you provide the correct information.  We also handle communication and testing with the witness and provide updates to keep you in the loop, providing stress-free video conferencing.

Quick and Easy Bookings


Teams Video Conferencing

Looking to expand your use of Teams video conferencing?  Allwest has a variety of hardware to provide an excellent Microsoft Teams experience.  We can set up Teams-approved hardware into nearly any room and allow for much higher quality video conference experience.  Our Teams-approve hardware allows for the multiple cameras and can be hooked into PA systems to turn any standard room into a Teams Rooms.  This provides much better audio and video, reduces the frequency of echoing and allows easy integration of virtual participants joining live events.  

So whether you are appearing virtually by Teams and want something better than just your laptop, or your want to allow virtual attendants to  participants to easily attend your live event, we can make that happen.

We also sell Teams-approved video conferencing hardware.


Large Scale Video Solutions

Looking for a conferencing solution for larger-scale seminars or workshops?  We have a system for that as well!  Based on the successful Big Blue Button conferencing service, Allwest can host large size virtual seminars using our private video service.

This system offers a much more robust interface than our standard video conferencing platform, and allows parties to connect via chat, take interactive poles, share presentations and even allows for multiple moderators in a single event.  

Our system ofters several useful enhancements that significantly improve the handling of a large online event.   Text logs can be saved for all chats, moderators can make on-the-fly polls, presentations are hosted online allowing presenters to seemless take over advancing of slides and you can assign multiple moderators which allows for an entire team to handle the event and not just a single party.  

If you're looking at doing large focus groups, presentations, seminars or training, this platform offers excellent flexibility and useability.  And like our other video conferencing service, it is hosted on private Canadian servers.