Automated Note-Taking

AI-driven Automated Notes

Allwest is now offering automatic real-time note-taking for proceedings.  Our live notes can be either streamed real-time to multiple parties or be provided upon completion of the matter.  Audio can also be synced to the notes, providing additional clarity.  

How does it work?  Through the use of advanced AI, spoken word is translated into text in real-time, allowing you to spend more time examining your witness and less time taking notes.  The system can be trained to recognize voices and identify speakers automatically.  The more you use the system, the more familiar it becomes with terminology and speaker identification.  Our clients who consistently use our automated notes see excellent, high quality results.  

As an addition to your standard automated notes, we can sync the audio to the notes allowing you to hear the audio along with the text, allowing for an extra level of accuracy , as well as enabling you to quickly and easily clarify any incorrect or unclear notations.

Allwest is happy to provide this service as an add-on to any one of our current services, or to provide it as a stand-alone service upon request.  Please contact us for pricing.

NOTICE: our automated notes are not verbatim transcripts and are for note-taking purposes only.  They cannot be certified or used in place of a proper transcript.  The text is for note-taking purposes only.