At Allwest Reporting we understand that your personal information is private.  That is why we never provide your personal information to any third parties.

Allwest does not collect any personally-identifiable information, unless you provide it voluntarily via email or contact form.  Any information provided by clients is strictly voluntary and will not be provided to any third parties.

Allwest never gives, trades, sells or otherwise distributes any personal information of our clients.  

Information we do collect:

Information provided voluntarily by clients is used only for contact purposes and in certain situation production services (such as correct spellings in transcripts).  

Emails and personal data are never provided to or sold to any third parties and we never use emails for advertising purposes.

Allwest does collect aggregate information on visitors to our website, inclding pages that are visited, referal pages, browser type, IP address and OS.  This information is anonymous and is only used for internal purposes only, such as monitor participation in online broadcasts or for making improvements to our website. A third party system is used to collect and report aggregate data.

Privacy of Work:

Only information that is part of public record, such as open proceedings in open court, are available for order by the general public.  Any work that is not of public records is only available to parties directly involved in the proceedings and some work is only releasable to the contracting agent.  

Allwest does not allow any third party access to our working files unless provided with a court order. 

All files are stored on private servers located in a secure Canadian facility.  Customer data is never stored on public servers or cloud servers and is never stored outside of Canada.

Video Conferencing:

Allwest has taken

Further Information:

If you have any further questions regarding privacy please contact us at 604-683-4774

Allwest's Privacy Statement: