We offer a wide variety of rental equipment from small events that only need a laptop and a projector to large events requiring complex AV setups.   We specialize in public hearings and public meetings, having spent more than 40 years providing such services throughout British Columbia.  

We are happy to go over the details of your event, makes suggestions and provide a full quote for our services.  We can even include the AV technicians to run the equipment.

Our equipment includes digital mixers, PA systems, wired and wireless microphones, HD projectors, projector screens, UHD TVs, HD document cameras, video conference cameras, tables, chairs, table skirts, podiums and more!

Here are some examples of the setups we have provided:

Teams Video Conferencing integration into large in-person venues:

Integration of Teams video conferencing to formal in-person meetings through the use of an integrated Teams Rooms featuring up to 6 PTZ Teams Cameras, full PA integration (users on Teams can clearly hear in-person participants, and in-room participants can clearly see and hear participants on Teams.)

Complex Multi-presenter AV Presentations:

Having multiple presenter feeds for a large, multiscreen public presentations, splitting presentations between multiple screens, projector integration and  live speaker lists.

Document Camera Integration:

Integrating HD document cameras in legal settings allowing parties to seamlessly share documents on large screens, allowing parties to quickly and easily highlight information such as pages and line numbers, quotes or even photographic evidence clearly to witnesses and decision-makers.  Our HD document cameras allow parties to even zoom in on specific sections of documents show much greater detail.

Large Scale Virtual Public Meetings:

Combining our rental equipment with our video conferencing services, we offer large scale virtual meetings.  We take care of the necessary camera, audio and broadcasting equipment, allowing you to focus on your presentation.  Our advance video conferencing platform offers several excellent quality of life improvements over platforms such a Teams such as allowing multiple mediators, hosting presentations online so you can seamlessly pass control to the next presenter without skipping a beat, full chat and user log for recording particiants.  You can even run live quick polls and questions to your audience.  

Specialized Video Conferencing:

Using our private video conferencing server and equipment you can control the other party's conferencing camera remotely, allowing you to pan, tilt and zoom freely.

Large public hearing room setup with multiple projectors on both paired and separate feeds, timer for speaker, live camera for speakers, dual podiums for alternating speakers and full PA setup with integrated web broadcast for audio.